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Obvious Winner recently shared a few tentacular pieces of artwork by Singapore-based artist Keng Lye (previously featured here). You may recall that Keng creates these amazingly lifelike depictions of aquatic animals by gradually layering containers with acrylic paint and resin. The end result is a painting of a creature that looks like it’s about to wriggle out of its container and onto your lap.

Visit Keng Lye’s DeviantART gallery to view more of his awesome artwork.

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So my little sister turned ten years old today

And everybody knows that once you turn ten you get to go off on your quest to become a pokemon master.

So I did a little thing for my sister, since she loves pokemon almost as much as I do, and dressed up as Professr Hanari to give her her starter and Pokemon FireRed Version, because everybody’s gotta start at the beginning

And by starter I mean her favourite eeveelution that she’s been trying to steal from me for about two months

So, naturally, once she got her pokemon we engaged in a battle, which she bitterly lost.

But hey, she was going up against a professor what do you expect.

Afterwards she stole my Umbreon and gallivanted around ‘route 1’ behind her house.

She’ll be the champion someday I swear it.

Happy birthday Hannah. 

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